Welcome to Curtin Games and Esports

Whether you are a casual gamer, a competitive freak of nature, a tabletop enjoyer or you are just looking for something fun to do outside of your studies, we are the stand-out community for gaming, anime and movies. 

So come join us as we continue to scale with our amazing events, competitive opportunities and a love for all things gaming. Member Benefits also include discounts at local stores.


What We Do


The core of our club lies with our amazing community and the events that we run. You will find us running several games nights and events each week both in-person and on our community Discord.

We also run more large scale events for the community such as:

Quiz Nights (Video Game Themed + and More)
Games Nights (BBQ + Food Provided)
LAN Parties (24 Hour + Gigabit Connection)
Tournaments (League, Pokemon and More)
Guild Collaborations (Tav Parties)
Weekly Smash Competitions (Curtin Call)
Viewing Parties (League and More)

For a full list of our upcoming events you can visit our events page here.​




Our dedicated club instagram, feel free to give us a follow <3



Our Fundamental Principles


As a community we believe in allowing for all of our members to find a community for them without fear of judgment. As such we are so strongly community feedback driven and believe in supporting what our members believe we should be doing.


These are our main pillars to uphold those beliefs:

Provide a safe place where anyone is able to talk without fear of judgment for their interests.
Promote the many ways to experience Campus Life for new students regardless of what their field of study is.
Create a place where people can meet friends regardless of what kind of games they enjoy.
Encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and experience more than just classes at University

Curtin Games and Esports as a community respects and upholds the beliefs of the Guild Safe Spaces Agreement.

Our Partners and Sponsors:

Archery Skirmish - The best Archery Tag provider for Perth and Western Australia.
Bubble Bash Soccer- The #1 Bubble Soccer provider for Perth and Western Australia.
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Tactics (10% off*) - Perth's premier gaming store, open for over 30 years!
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The Video Game Quiz Night

  • Curtin Tav
  • 15-08-2024
  • 18:00 – 21:30

Presented by Curtin Games and Esports It's the start of Semester 2, and that means another rou... More Details

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